Every small business website needs SEO. But the question is how much you need to pay or who to trust with your business? In today’s market, learn to set expectations, determine poor-quality replicas and know a few price ranges you should expect to pay for SEO.

SEO is a broadly used marketing technique to increase brand awareness, generate traffic and promote you business’ performance in search engines. Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines are pursued by many local small businesses interested in escalating their products and services.


Once you’ve organised your business’ SEO and marketing objectives, you are now ready to hire for your needs. When looking for SEO, it’s important to look at different options first and how much it will cost.

When you hire an agency to do SEO for you, they will usually do any or all of your website’s needs. The list of activities is continuously growing together with the changing nature of the role of the SEO agency. Your choices can involve hiring an SEO specialist or an internal team, or contracting a dedicated SEO agency. Below are some points to keep in mind with each:

Content Marketing Agencies – Most of the time, these agencies provide SEO services as an add-on to the other services they are offering. Their main focus is still SEO, that’s why they have all the technical knowledge prior to contracting. Their SEO services can be a bit more expensive since it can be bundled with their content marketing packages. However, these agencies are an outstanding option if your business wants to achieve various marketing goals all at once.

Dedicated SEO Firms – These are firms with a main focus on SEO and generally have the most experience in the industry. They usually use and practice the newest SEO strategies every day across different industries. There are even bigger firms that have a large number of staffs with specialists in various areas, which can help guarantee that they can resolve any of your SEO challenges.

Most of the time, these firms suggest an array of services and cost options to provide to the needs of your business, like monthly contracts, project based contracts and hourly consultations.

Internal Hires – It will be more costly to hire an internal SEO specialist or team because of training costs. This is an option for larger business organisations with a long list of strategies to implement.

It is clear what the benefits of a good SEO are, but depending on the aim of your business and the type of approach implemented, the cost of achieving an SEO technique can differ significantly.

Make sure to carefully consider and write down what you want to accomplish with your SEO strategy before signing up to anything. Make your goals more realistic in order to regulate your budget to spend on your SEO investment.



If you’re in the market for SEO, you can get overwhelm with too many choices, pricing models, price points and agencies. Truth be told, the average cost of SEO services cannot be accurately distinguished.

The SEO costs of your business will depend greatly on its needs and the level of experience of the SEO provider you will choose. Do expect however to pay within the price ranges below which is based on the type of SEO services you wish to go forward with:

Hourly SEO Consultation – Hourly SEO services may seem like a beneficial investment at face value. You’ll pay the negotiated hourly rate before the work begins. You can pretty much estimate the precise cost of what you’ll have to pay.

If you’re considering working with a professional SEO consultant worthy of your time and can deliver the performance you’re looking for expect to pay somewhere around $75 – $150 per hour. There are a few cheaper consultants out there, but they’re likely to lack the needed experience to finish the job on a short period of time.

Project – Based SEO Services – This is the most popular pricing model in SEO for small businesses and has a four price ranges:

– $1,001 – $1,500
– $1,501 – $2,500
– $2,501 – $5,000
– $5,001 – $7,500

With project-based pricing, you know exactly what you’re getting. If you’re on a firm budget or you only need aid in a specific area, this is a much better choice than hourly services.

Monthly SEO Retainers – A monthly retainer for SEO services basically means your campaign will be managed by someone form end to end allowing you to get results without the need to do the work yourself. This service leans more toward long-term partnerships rather than one-off projects. Many businesses choose this kind of service when there’s a need to completely outsource SEO. The usual price for this SEO service is between $500- $20,000 per month.


The more understanding you have about online marketing, the better you’ll be able to limit down your SEO package options that will suit the needs of your business. You’ll also avoid any miscommunication with your agency. The packages you choose will depend on the following:

– The size of your business and your budget
– The geography you target
– The competitiveness of the industry in which you are competing
– Your specific business goals
– And your level of understanding of what you are engaging the SEO agency to do for you

Price should not be the sole consideration when choosing the perfect SEO solution for your small business. Nevertheless, it is still important to weigh the cost of good-quality SEO before making any decisions.

To make the right decision for your business, look for a solution that fits your budget, can deliver a measurable return of investment over time and advantageously aligns with the needs and goals of your small business.

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