Planning to build a website? For sure most of us have heard stories about WIX websites, both good and bad, and now you’re not really sure whether building WIX websites is a wise idea.

I understand you have a lot of questions behind your mind like –

  • Are WIX websites SEO friendly?
  • Is it the best website platform for SEO?
  • If not, what platform should I use to build my website and make it SEO friendly?

Are WIX Websites SEO Friendly – The Truth About It

I know a lot of website builders that offer low-cost options and SEO friendly solutions. WIX is just one of the website solutions that offer simple and intuitive option for beginners.

In the past years, however, WIX has experienced several issues that gave it a bad reputation in Google. I have listed here some of the common issues that users have previously complained about WX.

  • A confusing URL structure that is nay to Google algorithm.  Normally we don’t want to add symbols like “*” or “#” on our URL because these are bad for SEO. Unfortunately, WIX has this type of string at the end of its URL, so when you download a product it is hard to tell its name from the URL itself.
  • There was no option to add Alt Text to images, which is one of the good SEO features every site should have.
  • The blog was also very disappointing because you could not optimize its Title Tag and Meta-Description.

Overall, WIX used to be really bad for SEO. However, I can say that WIX worked really hard in 2016 and made some major improvements in their solution. Now, you can remove the strange symbols from the URL, edit the Alt Text and optimize its Title Tag and Meta Tags.

Is WIX the Best Website Platform for SEO?

With the latest changes over WIX, let’s see what it has to offer when it comes to SEO.

As said, WIX now allows you to edit Meta Tags and Title Tags but it does not have the same features for product pages.

You can personalise page URLs and add keywords but don’t keep your hopes high for the product page, as it does not give that option. The heading structure is also one of the great improvements in WIX.  Now, you can add up to six headings for all of its regular pages using the HTML setting. And the available apps are amazing.

It has search engine instructions, which will help you avoid duplicate content.  The most important SEO feature is being able to build a mobile responsive design. We know that Google strongly recommends having a mobile friendly site for mobile users. Now, WIX mobile site is automatically created once you build a website.

So now, if you’re going to throw me the same question – are WIX Websites SEO Friendly?

Hopefully, after reading this article, you earn a clearer view of what to expect and what not to from WIX.

I would say that With WIX shift to SEO-friendly and HTML-based options, it has become a good platform for sites with minimal requirements.

However, I would not recommend using WIX on particular projects such as building e-commerce sites because it does have a complete package needed for an e-commerce sitewide optimization.

Take note though that not all SEO problems are attributable to WIX.  Major problems in SEO come from ineffective on-page optimization, lack of strategy in researching for keywords and having uncompetitive site analyzes.


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