Building backlinks used to be so easy. You just go out there, write a bunch of articles and submit them to the different article submission sites in exchange for external links.

But forget whatever you’ve learned about backlinks SEO strategy before 2012.

With the latest algorithm updates, beginners like you need to observe a good backlinks SEO strategy as much as you need to know the trending backlinks SEO strategy that improves your search ranking.

So to help you get started, I am going to offer you a better understanding of what backlinks are, why they are crucial to SEO and how to implement ethical ways to build them.

Building a Quality Backlinks SEO Strategy – The 5 Elements that Make a Perfect Backlink Source

Creating a backlink strategy that will impress Google, instead of making it angry to your site starts with knowing what perfect backlinks are made of.

Backlinks are not created equally. There are high quality backlinks and another one low quality, and drawing from my experience the following will detail the five elements that make up a high-quality backlink you can safely utilize for your campaign.

Not Having the “rel=nofollow” Tag

Any link can have one or more re attributes. “Rel” is short for “relationship” so when a website has “rel=nofollow” tag, it signals search engines that the page linking out to your website is claiming no endorsement.

This means that when Google crawls on their pages, it doesn’t count any outbound links as “vote” which prevents it from passing credit to other websites who are trying to rank in Google.

Many commercial sites normally use these links to acquire higher search engine rankings but the website they are linking to will actually receive no credit at all.

High Domain Authority

Domain authority is a score develop by MOZ that tells how well a website ranks in search engine results pages (SERP) by measuring the strength of its domain and subdomain.

Websites with high domain authority have higher chances of getting on top of SERPs which means that getting backlinks from these sites will also give your pages a higher ranking potential.


The relevance of your sources plays an important role on how your links are interpreted by search engines. Relevant sources are websites that fit into the description of your pages that are being linked back by them.

For instance, if you have a health niche site and you have links pointing back to your domain from a health forum, then this is considered as a relevant source because your source is connected to your main topic.

Strong Social Value

Not every content on social media is going to pass authority to your site. A content that has a strong social value contains click worthy information and enticing incentives. A source with a strong social value triggers more attention in different social media platforms, therefore exposing your link to more readers.

Has User-Generated Content (UGC)

User generated-content refers to the reviews and comments posted by users of a certain website. Any website can have or not have a user-generated content but the former is a perfect source of backlink because it exposes your link to more people.

Websites with user-generated content are often favored by Google because they create a longer and interactive content with more target key phrases.

Easy Steps in Building a Powerful Backlinks SEO Strategy

A powerful backlinks SEO strategy is essential in getting more traffic to your site. Now that you know the elements of a perfect backlink source, your next goal is how to make these websites link back to you.

Improve your link profile through a content-driven approach

Before you introduce yourself as a click-worthy page that other websites can link to, make sure you have valuable content to offer.

High domain websites prefer linking to content-rich website because it also increases their relevance and helps them avoid algorithm penalties.

Increase your link value by linking to relevant content in your website

In keeping with the good practices of linking building, point your backlinks to specific content within your website rather than pointing them at your homepage or to any of your top level pages.

Linking building requires a user-focused approach and providing quality links will help boost your content for search engine optimization and provide value to your readers.

Incorporate target keywords in the anchor text

Anchor texts can mean everything for your backlinks SEO strategy. Incorporating keywords in the anchor text is an essential practice when using the broken link building strategy.

There are many related websites out there that were once high authority, but for some reason or another, they have become outdated. Take advantage of this situation by creating similar resources using your target keywords.

When you are manually doing outreach to these websites, you can ask them to exchange their broken links with your updated content using related keywords for the anchor text.

Add more value to your content to attract natural backlinks

Natural backlinks happen when other websites link to your content because they believe it will increase the value of their website.

They are pretty much one that you had no hand in getting, but you’ll have to create a bunch of exceptionally high-quality content and making it available for the public.

Creating a powerful backlinks SEO strategy aimed at bringing unique visitors to your website takes time. Don’t get disappointed if you have trouble making a quick progress. Take one step at a time and stay focus on this guide, as you learn the art of link building.

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