Search Engine optimization has become the vital need for every business. The world is condensing itself onto the internet and there is a huge demand for sales on the world wide web. However, with the advent of time, everyone is becoming aware of SEO and its importance. But learning SEO and implying SEO strategies is not an easy task if you are just about to begin your blogging career. Therefore, in this post I am going to share with you some of the best ways by which you can learn SEO online free step by step and become an SEO expert within few months. So here it starts:-

Is It Possible To Learn SEO For Free Online?

I know many of you have thought of such question so many times but this time you will get the right answer. Search Engine Optimization is a semi technical process which requires basic familiarity of using internet and bit of marketing sense. For the advanced SEO (which is very little), one needs to understand basic concepts about HTML which I think is pretty easy to learn.

Now the question arises whether anyone can learn SEO for free online? The answer is an absolute yes. However, learning it correctly requires one to follow advices of the experts. Like all fields, there are various so called Gurus who themselves are not updated with the latest SEO trends. You need to stay away from such people who will take your money and also waste precious time.

How To Learn SEO Online Free Step By Step

  • Learning SEO for free from YouTube: – If you want to learn SEO online, then you can watch SEO tutorials online for free. The most common source is YouTube. You only have to search relevant titles about SEO and you will get lot of videos from where you can understand insights about SEO. However, be sure to watch the videos from reputed authors only. Matt cuts videos are extremely helpful in explaining the fundamentals of SEO in layman language. His videos were posted under the Google Webmaster you tube channel. Here is a link to one of his videos.
  • Learning SEO for free from EBooks: – There are many free eBooks available on internet. One relevant search in the Google will provide you with lots of options for free eBook download. However, information in free eBooks might not be 100% correct. It would be wise to read Ebooks of quality publication like Wiley.
  • Learning about SEO for free from reputed blogs, articles: – SEO industry has few people who are considered to be the pioneer of this process. They have timely produced unique strategies to gain organic leads from SEO. To learn anything about SEO from them is highly suggested since their methodology works almost all the time. Here are some of the links of the website where you can find relevant and updated facts about SEO:-

How Difficult Is To Learn SEO Online Free Step By Step

SEO is not as much difficult to learn provided you are willing to spend time and to learn the ethical way. Basic idea of the marketing world will help you a long way. SEO is broadly divided into On Page SEO, Off Page SEO and content marketing which are discussed briefly as follows:-

  • On Page SEO: – This part of SEO is all about making the site understandable to the search engine. Search engines do not read web pages like Humans. Crawlers read the site from source code which is HTML. In order to really understand the SEO, HTML is an important element. But learning HTML is not that much difficult. In fact, there are number of free tutorials of HTML all over the Web from which you can take advantage of that.
  • Off Page SEO: – This is all about building backlinks via different means such as bookmarking, classifieds, press releases etc. Backlinks can be built by blog commenting, registering your website on directory submission websites and by inserting no follow and do follow links. Finding reputed websites for backlinks is quite easy now days. To find high domain authority websites, you need to search around Google. Creating backlinks is a bit time consuming process but it significantly helps in boosting SEO.
  • Content Marketing: – Content marketing is all about creating high quality content like I am doing it now for you. A good content is unique, informative and most importantly search engine friendly. Google has explicitly stated that “Content” is one of the three important elements for ranking factor. There are various ways for creating content like PowerPoint, Blogs, Infographics etc. A good content on a website’s blog can significantly help to rank it higher on Google or on other search engines.

Time Needed To Learn SEO Online Free Step By Step

Since SEO is a cumulative effort of three process namely On Page, Off Page and content marketing hence in order to become really good, learning all the three processes is important. The total time taken is subjective for every individual.

  • Time taken to learn Off Page SEO: – As with all things, this is really subjective. But on an average learning Off Page correctly should take around 1 month at most. Off Page is purely Non-Technical. Learning to do it effectively and speedily is desirable habit in SEO industry. A good Off Page SEO executive creates quality backlinks in the shortest possible time limit.
  • Time taken to learn On Page SEO: – To understand on Page SEO, one needs to understand HTML. HTML is the basic language to create any website. It is extremely simple to learn. HTML provides meaning to your website content. Learning the basic HTML concepts for SEO should take anywhere between 2 – 3 months. This duration is only subjective. You can surely learn a lot if you are willing to.
  • Time taken to learn Content Marketing for SEO: – Content Marketing is all about creating newer content on frequent basis and publishing them onto authoritative sites to gain inbound links. Creating content naturally requires good command over language but most importantly it requires SEO optimization. A quality content written without being SEO optimized will be less useful than the SEO optimized one. Learning to write SEO optimized content should not take more than a week. It is also important to learn on various content management systems like WordPress and Blogger.

Your Learning Curve

Search engine optimization is a field with basic concepts in conjunction with marketing tactics. What processes you apply for SEO are more important than total amount of SEO work. Total time to Learn SEO should not be more than 6 months. However, with time you would gain more insights about SEO once you work on different niches. No niche is same and every website requires does not follow the same SEO strategy.

Hope you enjoyed reading the post and now you are familiar with some of the facts by which you can learn SEO Online Free Step By Step. How did you learn SEO when you were about to start your digital marketing career? Dont forget to share it in comment section below!!


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