If you want to develop your own website, there are many tags that you should be aware of. These tags not only help in structuring of the coding but also help in recognition of keyword to the search engines. Using such keywords increases the chance of user viewing your website more than other competitor’s website. However I can understand that such minor tasks might look as a hurdle to you if you are beginner who is trying his best to rank higher in SEO with the help of meta tags.

But as every problem has a solution, therefore here I am revealing the best SEO meta tags example that will help you to get win over competitors even if you are a beginner.

What are meta tags and why are they used?

When people search for a keyword on search engines, different results are generated. But have you ever noticed that the list of websites displayed on the screen shows a short description of around 150 to 160 characters beneath the title or the link. Such snippets or description of website are called meta descriptions. Meta tags are used in order to describe the website for the user on the search engines page. These descriptions may not occur when you click the website. Meta tags are used in order to catch user’s attention so that he will click on the website link. Keep on reading to reveal the best SEO meta tags example that will help you to lead your business.

Meta tags are used to describe the website and provide a brief overview about the website to the search engines. This description allows the website to be attractive when there are a number of websites. Meta tags allow your website stand out from the rest so that the user clicks on your website. From the SEO point of view assigning meta tags and writing meta descriptions is mandatory these days as it is only way by which a user will come to know that you have something which he/she has been looking for.

Including keywords in the meta tags and meta descriptions allows the search engine crawlers to detect the right keywords and then put the result in front of the researcher.

Best SEO Meta Tags Example – Explained

It is not necessary for you to be a programmer to use meta tags. Basic knowledge of HTML will allow you to add meta description for your website. The tag used for this is <meta name=”keyword” content=”example”/>. These tags are used in coding of the program but are read actively by the search engines.

Meta tags: Components

Meta tags have 3 components: A title, meta description, keywords.

A title is the title of website displayed when showed on search engine. This is the first thing or description of website that you read when you search a keyword. The tags used are <title> Title of the page </title>

A meta description is the short snippet of the website which allows the user to understand what the website is about in few words. This attracts the user to click at your website due to an appealing content.

Tag used for this is <meta name=”description” content=”description you want to be viewed in search engine”/>

Ameta keyword is the tag which is used in order to define all the keywords you use in the website. Using these words the search engine will place your website on top.

Tag used for this is <meta name=”keywords” content=”write your keywords here”>

Merits of using meta tags

Though meta tags doesn’t help much in increasing your page ranking, but it definitely helps in boosting the click rate of your website and this in return boots the SEO ranking of the particular website. It should be kept in mind that the meta tags which are going to be used, should not be long and confusing enough. Also meta tags are used to validate the content of the site with the meta description by the search engine for validation and relevance of your website. Therefore addition of keywords within meta tags and meta descriptions should be done properly.

Demerits of using meta tags

Some of the digital marketers do not give much importance to the usage of meta tags and meta descriptions. The only reason behind this is meta tags don’t help your website to increase its SEO ranking, therefore they consider such concept as irrelevant. Also they think that the competitors can view your meta tags, which can expose the keywords used by you. Hence this can affect the website and they will understand your strategy for marketing.

Writing of meta description

Meta description should be to the point. It should not be too long and too confusing. One should clearly understand the essence of the website and should write a clear and perfect précis of the website-using keywords.


Using meta tag for your website can be tricky task and getting higher rank in SEO generally depends upon the content of the website with proper utilization of meta tags in it. Some SEO experts believe it is not advisable to make use of meta tags whereas some believe it increases the click rate of the website. But the main fact it that it allows the search engine to validate the relevancy of the content and keywords used in meta tags. So by making use of the best SEO meta tags example which I have revealed above you can make things simpler for you.

These were the basics of use of meta tag which will give you a clear idea on how to use meta tags in SEO ranking and their importance. I hope you are now familiar with the best SEO meta tags example that will help you to win over competitors and lead your business.

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