SEO plays a vital role in the success of a WordPress website by catapulting it to the first pages of Google Search results. That’s why it is very important to have an SEO plugin when creating a WordPress website.

A number of SEO plugins exist, but your choice will most likely narrow down to two of the most popular WordPress SEO plugins:

  1. Yoast SEO (formely known as WordPress SEO by Yoast)
  2. All in One SEO Pack

But the question is, how do you decide which one is better?

The decision of choosing which SEO plugin works best has been a hot topic on many online discussions. In this article, we will have an overview comparison between Yoast SEO plugin and All in One SEO Pack to find out which one is the best SEO plugin for WordPress websites.


Both All in One SEO Pack and Yoast SEO plugins have loyal user base and both are the leading and most popular SEO plugins of all time for WordPress. Both plugins can boast an impressive active installs of more than one million.

The All in One SEO Pack is the older of the two and was created by Michael Torbert and Steve Mortiboy in 2007. Throughout the years, it has gained a massive user base and has become one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins of all time with over 27 million downloads under its belt.

Yoast SEO, on the other hand was created by Joost de Valk in 2010, and started out as WordPress by Yoast. With constant and continuous improvements in the plugin, it quickly became the other big name the WordPress SEO circle and the major rival of All in One SEO. As of today, Yoast SEO has overtaken its main competitor with an outstanding 29 million downloads.

The numbers says it all, both of these plugins are excellent and provide users with a jam-packed must-have features they need in order to maximize the advantages of SEO in their WordPress websites. Yoast SEO and All in One SEO are trusted by millions of users and even if there are differences in the performance and features, your website will greatly benefit from either plugin.


As expected, both plugins are easy to install. They are straightforward solutions and do not need any extra extensions nor demo content. While a FAQ and support module comes up beside the Yoast button, the All in One SEO pack gives an introductory information page which is filled with options for translating your plugin, upgrading to the premium version and learning about some of the latest improvements.

Both Yoast SEO and All in One SEO offer a lot of options, which can be overwhelming for some users. However, both plugins try their very best to simplify the installation process and makes it easier for users to setup their SEO settings.

It will only take a few minutes to install and activate both plugins. Yoast SEO does a somewhat better job with their multi-page and tabbed settings, but the All in One SEO Pack has a more user-friendly introduction to its features.


The plugins’ interface and navigation are totally different from each other.

Almost all of the configurations of the All in One SEO Pack are put in a one setting page, where you can do modifications on the URL settings, title, keyword, no index, homepage and many more without the need to pass through multiple pages and tabs

Furthermore, Yoast SEO has a more systematic and well-organized interface where everything is organized accordingly and placed in accordance with its setting tab.


Each plugin makes editing of SEO settings quick and easy on a post by post basis. All in One SEO Pack, approaches it in a clean way allowing users to set titles, descriptions and add other additional fields if they want to.

Yoast SEO on the other hand, provides helpful input for anyone who are not familiar with SEO and uses the decisions over approach method where it adds the features it believe is relevant for all sites.


Social media sharing is allowed by both plugins, however, each plugin comes with some advantages as well as a few weak points.

To start with, Yoast SEO provides more social media sharing platforms, as compared to All in One SEO pack, adding the options to share with Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Nevertheless, when it comes to full configurations, All in One SEO Pack does a much better job. It gives you the option to configure Facebook sharing regarding the object type (blog, site or post), Facebook meta and many more. Doing this with Yoast SEO is limited, wherein you are only permitted to do the most basic settings set up which includes the featured image, title and description.


To be honest there is no clear winner. Both, Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack offer exceptional features. While a lot of users like the added content optimisation of Yoast, All in One SEO performs just as well across all other elements. Whichever plugin you choose, both offer an ability to efficiently manage critical elements of SEO without learning web development.


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