Have you always wondered how search engines like Google, Yahoo provide an accurate result whenever you make a search for your queries? For your website to occur or rank on top of such search engine results, search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc uses complex algorithm based on keywords that you provide to your website. These keywords are integral in SEO as they are the input for the search engine to rank your website. This ultimately increases the visibility to the crowd which is the basic motto of Search Engine Optimization commonly known as SEO. Hence SEO optimizes your website and the keywords of your web posts for search engines so that the traffic on your website increases. But are you familiar with the best way to put SEO on your website to make $$$? I am sure you wont!!

Just focus for the next 10 minutes to read this blog post and I am sure you will start earning $$$ or more from next couple of months.

Best Way To Put SEO On Your Website To Earn Big

To understand SEO from the scratch, I am going to provide and explain you the basic SEO tips so that you can get started with your website and increase your website’s visibility on search engine results. Well to get optimized on search engine results you need to understand two important terms of SEO i.e. on page SEO and off page SEO and these are explained below.

Basic SEO tips – On Page SEO

As the name suggests, on page SEO refers to the changes or modification to be made on the page or designing of website itself. Optimizing the following points will have an effect on the rankings of your search engine results related to your website. Such important points include:-

Title Tags

Title for a website is the name appearing on the tab of browser for the particular website. Use appropriate Title tags in order to feed information to the search engines. Use your targeted keywords in title as well as headings so as to give your page preference over others by search engines.

Heading Tags

Headings for a website are the largest words displayed below which other content is written. Using H1 tags for heading will allow it to set as the Heading to the website and H2 H3 tags for sub-headings which should include the targeted keywords.

Latest and Relevant Content

Using the content which is updated, correct and appealing to the audience allows greater traffic to your website. Out-dated information is never searched by the users, so to keep them engaged the content should be up to date. Also quality of content should be given more preference over its quantity.

Structuring URLs

The URLs to be used should have the targeted keywords. This helps in optimizing the websites for the search engine. For example a proper structure including heading and sub headings should be there for example instead of using which will guide the search engine in choosing your website according to the targeted keywords.

Time to Load

The website should be fast enough to load. If the website takes more time to load then the ranking of the website falls. Hence the website should be optimized for faster speed.

Internal Links to Navigate

Internal Links should be given in order to make the website more users friendly. Giving a link to an existing topic in content allows the user to move freely through the website. Also check that the links are not broken as it will leave a negative impact on the user.

Using ALT-Text for the Images

ALT-text using targeted keywords should be used in defining the image used on the web page. This text used for the image isn’t visible to the visitor but it allows search engines to optimize the according to the text provided. Also the images should be optimized so that the time to load the website is less.

Using Meta Tags

Meta tags are used to describe the content for the search engine. Hence using these Meta tags allows to give a small description to the website and when the search engine runs it allows the user to find content based on keywords used in meta tags.

The 404 Page

The error page for website should be able to re-direct the user back to your home page. It should give user some information regarding why the content was not found.

Mobile Friendly Website

Some websites are not supported on mobile which limits it to the audience using desktops. Hence make the website available to the mobile users as well to reach the maximum audience.

Basic SEO tips -Off Page SEO

In Off Page SEO, the website can be optimized outside the environment of the website. So whichever activity is done outside the working of website that is helpful in increasing the traffic of website can be considered as Off Page SEO. Off page optimization determines the popularity of website

Linking the website to other website has been a major part of the off page optimization. Below are some of the basic SEO tips by which off page SEO is carried out.

Link Building

This is the most effective method for SEO in which other websites use your website for reference. This indicates the search engines that your website is effective and ranks its higher.

Comment on Blogs

Also, commenting on websites or blogs having similar content can be used to direct the audience to your website. This increases the traffic on your website giving it exposure.

Publishing Content on Directories

There are article directories in which unique content is published. If the content is unique then anyone who is visiting the article directory will be linked back to your website.

Social Media Presence

If the content is liked by the users, then they freely upload it to other social media platforms which ultimately lead to exposure of your website in front of relevant audience.

Hence optimizing a website should be the task in which both content writer and website developer are involved in order to provide the right targeted keywords to yield a successful search engine optimization. This amalgamation only will allow using the right tags with the keywords to increase the rank of the website.

Hope you enjoyed reading the above post on best way to put SEO on your website. Stay tuned with us to know more about such basic SEO tips that will help you to earn big in future.


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