We have known Google as a haven of beautiful resources for search engine optimization. In fact, most of them have made a great impact on many big businesses we know.

But did you know there are other free Google SEO tools that are not popular but still give you the best results?

In this article, I have rounded up some of the best Google free SEO tools that you most probably did not know exist. You ready?…

Increase Website Traffic with these Free Google SEO Tools 

Making it to the top of the Google search results page takes a massive effort and this is where the Google SEO tools come in.

While complete website optimization is impossible, I agree that using these tools can help increase site performance.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

SEO largely depends on keywords. Although there are gurus who disagree with that but, I fundamentally believe keywords are the cornerstone of any SEO campaign.

So, to find out the most relevant topics, subjects, themes or keywords of your website you need tools. And Google Adwords Keyword Planner tool is one of the most popular free SEO tool to search and discover keywords.

It’s a good tool to add to your arsenals of keyword research tools for a site wide setting and performance. Just create an account and you can start your keyword research.

Google Trend

A perfect match for your Google Keyword Planner is the Google Trend. Remember that search query “zeitgeist” that Google launched in 2012 that tells which NBA player receives the most number of searches. This tool will give you the same functionality. Install it and you can keep track of how many people searched a particular keyword in a given time.

Google Think Insight

Another tool you probably do not know yet is the Google Think Insight. It’s a very useful tool for professionals. It helps industry specialists spy on the most common keywords entered by people in the Google search engine. So when you use this for your campaign, you’ll have an idea what keywords to use for a particular content.

Google Alerts

However, if you want to know what topics are trending for your industry, then you better know how to use Google Alerts. This is probably the easiest tool you can take advantage of. By activating it, you will receive regular updates about a trending topic in your industry straight to your inbox. Just head to the Google Alerts homepage and type a specific topic, select a schedule and you will start receiving alerts.

Important Free Google SEO You Should Not Live Without

Over the past years, Google has made several updates to their search engine algorithms. Among these changes are the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird which will constantly check your web pages for errors.

Think of this – Google always wants to make web page visitors happy and so should you.

Google Webmaster Tool

Do you want Google to index your site? Whether you’re a first-timer or an expert, you should have the Google Webmaster Tool to keep site errors in check. This tool helps you find bad links and duplicate pages to keep you posted which features on your site to fix as you optimize your site for traffic. Install it so you don’t have to deal with penalties associated with site errors.

Page Speed Insight

Another tool you should pay attention to is Page Speed Insight. At least 50% of your target audience expects your site to load fast. Page Speed Insight analyzes the content in your website and creates suggestions to make it faster.

Google Analytics

Ok, we all have experienced frustration in website marketing. But there is still a great advantage in knowing your place in the competition mix. I’m saying that if you have no idea where the fate of your website is heading, you should come to know Google Analytics as well. It helps you track data and analyze content so you can have a clear idea.

Google Content Experiments

Do you know what makes Google Analytics more exciting? It ties with Content Experiments which is now embedded within it. As the name suggests, it offers the best way to optimize your site. This means you can test headlines and content on your site so you can choose the best layout possible.

No matter what type of niche you are, you will soon find yourself working with one or most of these free Google SEO tools. As your site grows bigger, you will need more SEO tools than you can imagine.

The tools I have mentioned here are intuitive, effective, powerful – and most importantly – they are totally free!

Your biggest task as a marketing head is to make sure you have leveraged what Google has to offer to make the most of your website.

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