2017 is tagged by many as the year where the world of SEO will have a significant change. Australian website owners have to do numerous things differently in order to maintain their visibility on search engines. It is crucial for business owners to understand how to maximize SEO contents since high ranking on search engines is an essential marketing tool.

There are some amazing Australian SEO tools that website owners must learn about in order to understand and optimize SEO this 2017. These tools will aid them to efficiently work when implementing SEO techniques and avoid wasting precious time and resources.

To assist you with your SEO goals, here is a list of the best free Australian SEO tools for 2017.


This is the perfect keyword research tool where you will find the trending keywords in your niche as well as suggestions of identical keywords that will make your content look creative.

In addition, SEMRush also allows users to view fast-paced websites that already reeled the keywords into their contents and how it has improved their rank on search engines.

While their tool is a paid service, you can still avail a great sampling of their data for free.


Organic research has been a battle for majority of small businesses after Google Analytics limited the keyword data you could pull into their reporting. UberSuggest is one of the best for 2017 to fill the gap as it can find connected terms based on real-life organic queries.

It is advisable for newbies to keyword research to use this tool because there are only three simple steps to follow: fill out the keywords, language and source boxes and then you’ll be offered with hundreds of keywords within seconds from different verticals, including images, news and video.

Link Detective

Link Detective is one of the top SEO tools for finding out how your competitors rank. Link Detective uses a semantic mark-up and URL naming conventions when rummaging through a backlink profile to group links by type, making it very easy to see which one of your competitors’ links you can swipe for yourself.

For the tool to properly function, you need to have an Open Site Explorer account from SEOmoz.

Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is considered as one of the top SEO tools to check backlinks and inbound links counter. With this tool, you can compare up to at least 5 domains and see which one is getting more link growth.

This tool offers a basic free plan that evaluates all links and aids in separating high-quality links from low-quality links.



Throughout the years, Moz has been known to be one of the premiere SEO tools, and 2017 is no different. Moz constantly update and improve their tools to make sure they stay at the top of the list each year for small businesses in Australia and the world.

With Moz, you can analyse your and your competitors’ backlink profiles with Open Site Explorer, check your local business listings with Moz Local, and take advantage of their strong Keyword Explorer for research, on-page recommendations and improvements.



You can find your website’s strength, weaknesses and if it is SEO-friendly with WooRank for free. WooRank is a website review and an SEO tool which delivers an in-depth analysis of your website using metrics like SEO, social media, mobile optimization, usability and more.

Aside from this, it also allows you to automatically keep track of analytics, backlinks, search engine ranking and other key elements to improve the performance of you website.

Checking out a single website is free, but paid plans come with advanced and unlimited reviews.

Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword Planner tool is largely associated with PPC and SEO but you can also use it to improve your content marketing strategy. This tool is useful for generating content ideas, lets you to inspect the popularity of the keyword and allows you to build new keyword combinations.


GlassHat is a tool that aids businesses to put into action a digital marketing strategy that will create an impact on their online visibility and brand presence to generate more traffic and new customers. It uses a completely different method of custom-built algorithm to analyse the top 120 websites that appear in search results for every keyword you want your business to appear online.


BrightLocal is an SEO service that offers local SEO tools and caters specifically to local online search. You can organize your keyword search rankings in an attractive interface so that it will be easier for you and your clients to understand. You can also monitor all of your organic search metrics in one orderly location through various platforms such as Google, Google Maps, Yahoo, Bing and more.

SEO can definitely help your small business stand out in its arena by driving more organic traffic to your website. By incorporating the above Australian SEO tools, you can drastically increase your business’ profit margins as well as streamline your strategy and build a strong foundation for your business.


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