Now days, many of us are familiar with all the basic terminologies of SEO, but thing that matters a lot is how much we implement all the terminologies which we learn online about SEO. Usually, people master all the theories and logic’s comprising SEO but often fail to implement it efficiently, which might lead to a decrease in the traffic or the popularity of your website. And we know that reports and analysis in SEO not only help us in tracking our progress but also assist in making better decisions and tap the potential hidden in the resources.

Today with the help of this article, I’m going to acquaint you with two major subtopics which are crucial to generate SEO report online. These include:-

  1. Major factors to keep in mind while generating SEO report online.
  2. Tools that are required to generate SEO report online and know your business status.

Important factors required to generate SEO report online

While one might consider SEO as a mandatory business optimizing technique but there is much more than this in this field. It is a science which has multi facets incorporated to it. Each giving a new dimension and meaning to the term.

Thus it is important to find out major factors on which the report generation depends according to the needs of the firm and market. Correct factors and their analysis would ensure your public reach and this will help you to stay ahead of competitors.

But what exactly are these factors?

According to sources, SEO is a science with its unique periodic table. Mentioned in it are the factors which play an important role in making the best out of it.

I have curated a list of such factors which you cannot say “no” while generating SEO report online:-

  1. Content Quality – As the word describes, content quality is one of the important factors and the reputation and reliability can totally depend on the quality of content you’ve created for your website. The ship of your On Page SEO relies on content quality. While authentic and sensible content can anchor your ship to its destination, plagiarized and irrelevant content can cause the ship to sink to endless bottom.
  2. Content Research – How deep and fine research of the target audience and market have you done also matters. It is necessary to decide the ideal age group you’re focusing on and a thorough research of the market. Content research comprises of the trending keywords linked with your topic and all the important hashtags (if you’re taking aid of social media handles). Generating a content revolving around these keywords turns out better in pulling out more conversions and traffic.
  3. Public Engagement – Now you don’t want those people who would read your content but do not become your customers. Right? Public engagements must be involved in your SEO reports so that you can narrow down to the list of those people who can become potential customers. Try your best to find out those bunch of people who spare their time to read and react but dont get turned into potential customers.
  4. Conversions – That is the ultimate goal of SEO, isn’t it? Why would one be doing it anyway in the first place. Thus, conversions are foremost when we talk about SEO report and its analysis. If one isn’t able to extract fruitful conversions and traffic out of the SEO, it’s a sign that some amendments need to be made.

Having dealt with the major factors, It’s time to focus on the tools and techniques which help us to achieve the same.

Free tools by which you can generate SEO report online

  1. Google Analytics – It is the whole and sole of SEO and its analysis.Comprising of all the major factors and key points, this tool helps you look over your SEO with a magnifying glass. And there is no rocket science involved in this as everything is one click away from you.
  2. Google Keyword Planner – Since the beginning, we have laid emphasis on the importance of keywords in a content and also in the eyes of Google. Keyword planner is yet again a free SEO tools which comes in the Google AdWords. This planner helps you to find out the best keywords specific to a topic. It tells you the number of average monthly reaches or popularity of the keyword along with its competition and bids placed on it. If there is no such keyword which you enter, it finds out the trending keywords relevant to the topic and all the above-mentioned criteria.
  3. Open Link Profiler – A perfect tool for analyzing the links attached to a particular page of your website. It is an unusual tool which has browser through which we can analyze the back-links, preventing the need to installing and implementing it. All you need to do is to enter website’s particular URL and it will inform you several indicators including unique and total active back-links, links to the homepage and also influence the link which your site has managed to create.
  4. Image Raider – Enough talking about the analysis of words, time to check up on how the images which you have uploaded on our website are working. This tool analyses the images’ performance and provides you with the data of how many times your uploaded image might have been used over the internet.
  5. SEO Powersuite – This tool helps you optimize your website on the basis of certain set factors such as: Rank Tracker, SEO spyglass, Website auditor and Link Assistant. And not to forget, it’s implementation can’t get more easier than that. All you have to do is to download the tool for free and get going.
  6. Google Search Console – Also know as the Google Webmaster tool it’s a complete package which is as easy and user friendly as it gets. Though it might not wholly manage SEO and basic analytic of a particular website, generating a SEO report without it seems impossible. You might or might not use other tools but you cannot skip this one. The fundamental tool of SEO is free, obviously, provided by Google and mainly tracks the web pages of the website and helps make important decisions and bring reforms in the SEO. It comprises of Search Analytics, URL errors and other such tools. It also comprises the famous Fetch as Google tool which tells you how Google perceives your website with an honest feedback.

I hope you all would make best use of this knowledge and optimize your website to its fullest. By using all the above methods and factors you will be able to generate SEO report online like a pro and stay ahead of your  market competitors.

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