One might wonder what sets a successful e-commerce website apart from the others. Despite delivering the best results, the conversions are not as expected. I would tell you what exactly happens.

Though you might be putting your best efforts, your website won’t come in the spotlight as long as Google doesn’t acknowledge it.

Now you would wonder how to come under Google’s recognition? The secret is ‘Keywords’ and for this you have to find the right SEO keywords for your website.

The formula is simple, you use those words in your content which a layman would type while searching not only google but any search engine.

In order to make your content user-friendly, one needs to think from the user end and deliver content which is relatable i.e. easy to understand and easy to find. The easier your content is to find, the more keyword it contains, the higher your page is ranked on google.

An official definition of Keyword would describe it as “a word or phrase which would signify a topic of significance”. One can also understand it as words used by the searchers.

Having cleared the base of keywords, it’s necessary to know what types of keywords are used and what the right SEO keyword your website should make use of. Internet would provide you plenty of types and classifications of keywords but the basics are:-

  1. Generic keywords: The term is self-explanatory, those words which are extremely common. Example: chemicals, books, shoes and so on.
    Though it is necessary to have a few generic keywords, these don’t come much to aid as the competition level is pretty high. These ones are the most searched and average converting.
  2. Broad Match: The words with little more specification or detailing fall under this category. Example: black converse shoes, books for SAT exams, chemicals in cosmetics. Using such keywords proves to be beneficial as they are loosely connected to your content and thus chances are high that searching these words brings your website/content in the eyes of public.
    These words possess slightly less searches and higher conversion as compared to generic keywords.
  3. Long Tail keywords: Those words which will exactly lead to your article/content and are least searched.
    Example: black converse shoes from, books for SAT exam in India, chemicals in cosmetics for women of Lakme brand. The frequency of searches might be low but the hit ratio is 100%, i.e. conversion using this keyword is sure.

Having known this, it is important to pick the correct number and type of keywords from each category. In a nutshell, a content must cater to all these types of keywords. But the main question that hits most of the time in mind is:-

How to find SEO keywords of a website?

A keynote here would be to add correct and relevant keywords in the content. What I precisely mean is that only those words which bear resemblance to the article you’re creating must be used. As google ranks only those pages which are authorized and relevant, one cannot dare to use illogical keywords just for the sake of creating traffic.

The main ingredients required to select the perfect keywords are:-

  1. Closely watch the search engine to understand the requirements of the general public or target audience.
  2. Put your feet in the shoes of the consumer and come up with the most common words which strike in mind when it comes across the topic you’ve written on.
  3. Avoid being too specific or too general. A balance is must-have.
  4. Assess the words through which you would like your article to be recognized. Example: If your website provides designer shoes, then designer should be a mandatory keyword to lead the right audience to your page. After all, bringing traffic to your page/content isn’t the aim but luring the right kind of public who would actually be interested in what you offer and respond to that is essential.
  5. Never end the search process. With the advent of social media, change is the only constant and thus the keywords which were in limelight yesterday might not bring the same audience after 1 week. Improvisations and inevitable.

Even after all of this, finding the right SEO keywords can be a grueling task. Thanks to the technology, we have various resources which bring the most searched, most relevant keywords closely matching to the ones you desire. If you are having a query about how to find SEO keywords of a website? than one amazing tool can do the trick for your website and this tool is known as the “Google’s keyword planner“.

Google’s keyword planner (Google adwords) doesn’t only acquaint you with the most trending keywords but also a statistics to give you a better idea of the general preferences of the public.

Once you enter the keyword you want to add to your content in the planner, it shows whether there is any kind of keyword used for that. If yes, it also states the number of people who search that word, the bid amount and also the competition on that word. For optimal results, one must use a right SEO keywords which has highest number of searches, low bids and lower competition.

Not only this but it gives you a list of words similar to the one you searched, providing you with better options if you run out of them.

And wait! Were you trying to find keywords mostly used in your city, consider it done! The planner helps you customize your search on the basis of the city, state and country you prefer for a closer surveillance.

The search doesn’t end here because there are multiple applications which let you select the perfect keywords to make your content popular in the eyes of Google.

Now that you’re pro with the art of selecting keywords, I have summed up the whole content in a few bullet points quintessential in finding a keyword:

  1. Do not focus on gathering volume, focus on attracting quality customers which can get influenced by your opinions.
  2. Never forget to improvise. A keen eye on the trends won’t do any harm but keep you updated.
  3. Achieve relevancy. Keywords that are most relevant needs to be preferred, not the most searched.
  4. SEO and Keywords are directly proportional to each other. The better your keywords selection is, it will improvise your SEO and more importantly all your efforts!

Hope you enjoyed reading the above post on how to find SEO keywords of a website. I you have any queries regarding the topic, feel free to comment below.

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