Which one sounds better? Having endless meeting with your website developer planning each feature detail by detail or simply creating and customizing your own website over the internet? The latter one, right? This is where Weebly steps in.

Weebly is a user friendly, interactive and reliable website builder which lets you customize and develop your own website by dragging and dropping features. If you’re someone who isn’t very handy with the coding languages and don’t want to spend gazillion bucks in hiring a website developer, Weebly is the place for you.

Weebly is used today by millions of people for numerous reasons. Online store, business, blog, event, portfolio or just personal website showcasing your talent and hobbies, Weebly always has something better to offer.

One might think, why on Weebly, aren’t there other options? Yes, there are – Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Bluehost and iPage are some of the website builders which assist you with the same task. But many of these platforms are not much SEO friendly and thus they lack some of the major features and benefits which are required to lead the competitors present in the digital market. So the main question which might hit your mind is:-

Is Weebly good for SEO of your website?

Here are some good reasons that will answer this question:-

  1. Because it’s simple and non-technical and that is what makes the USP of Weebly.
  2. It serves to all types of people. Those who are comfortable with the coding can customize the website even in a better way by making changes in the HTML/CSS codes and those who’re not can simply drag and drop the options and features and customize it. Although yes, the degree of customization increases for the former one. For example, if you happen to know coding, you can change the color of the header of the template you chose but if not, you’ll have to either choose another template or satisfy with the one you have.
  3. It also makes use of JavaScript in the header section giving you the power to design it according to your business.
  4. It gives you a lot of options. It has various templates and designs to choose from which saves you from the trouble of raking your brain to come up with the perfect colour and font combination for a certain page.
  5. For naive people who have just set up their start-ups and are clueless about what all tabs and details to add in the website, Weebly has around 40 pre-defined pages including the Sign-in page and other similar pages to let you implement it for your website. Just select all the pages from the pre-defined ones or take reference and create your own page and add it to your website.
  6. The whole process is so easy, that you can make your own website within hours without breaking a sweat. All you have to do is to drag and drop all the elements you want. Images, radio buttons, text fields, slideshows, carousel, videos, plugins. You name it and you get it.
  7. The most important feature. If you’re worried of having to develop yet another version of your website which is mobile friendly, then the answer is “NO”. The websites you design on Weebly are tablet, mobile and desktop supported.

When it comes to pricing, Weebly is free. But just like other websites, if you sign up and get the pro version that would cost you according to the plan you choose. Paid website on Weebly enables you to access larger number of options and web builder tools. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make one for free. The paid version ranges according to the subscription duration where the longer the subscription, the better. The Starter plan would cost you $8/month if you go for 1 year subscription while the Pro, Business and Performance plan would cost $12, $25 and $38 respectively.

Having acquainted you with the basics of Weebly, let’s come again on the main question i.e. – is Weebly good for SEO of your website? And take a look at how good it is for SEO purpose as it is the sole factor which determines the worth and usefulness of your website.

Weebly does allow you to insert basic SEO features such as alt tags, meta descriptions, keywords, product descriptions and customized webpage addresses in your website. So here is my answer “Yes” Weebly is good for SEO!

Although, if you plan to get your website ranked by the search engines, you’ll need to upgrade it to one of the paid plans as the website developed free on Weebly do not come in the radar of search engines for ranking.

If you need a minute by minute detail of SEO analysis of your website, you can add Google Analytics for your website and for an alternate option, you can make use of the website statistics dashboard provided by Weebly. For best results, you can team up Google Analytics and Weebly’s provided dashboard for a closer look at your SEO.

Many reports suggest that choosing WordPress over Weebly can be a better option if you’re keeping SEO in mind but that isn’t the case. Weebly is as good for SEO as WordPress is. Tough, WordPress allows you more customization and better content management system but it can become extremely tough and complicated to use whereas Weebly is something a layman can also use without much effort. Not to mention, you’ll need to hire a professional to get used to the working of WordPress whereas with Weebly, you’re the leader of your own army.

In a nutshell, Weebly doesn’t deprive you of Search Engine Optimization techniques given that you use the methods and features efficiently. On the plus side, it makes you the master of your own website at a reasonable cost.

I hope that I have answered the question – is Weebly good for SEO of your website? in an efficient manner. For any queries regarding the same you can leave your comments below.


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