Nowadays, people look online for local businesses and often find directories that have list of service providers in their locality. According to researches, 97% of people in Australia and the rest of the world use the internet to look for products and services in their local area, that’s why it has become of utmost importance, even for small businesses, to get listed in local business directories.

Getting a higher rank for local Australian businesses in Google has become really competitive because of the enormous number of people competing for first page search engine results. For those local businesses that are finding it difficult to appear on first page of Google, local business directory presence provides a great alternative.

What is a Local Directory?

A local business directory is simply a website containing a categorised listing of businesses in a particular locality. People want a quick and efficient way to get information they want in their specific location like hotels, cafes, salons, gyms, plumbers, pre-schools etc. And local directories provide that information.

Local Directories, Search Engines and Small Business Owners

To boost your online visibility especially in search engines, it is highly recommended to add your business to relevant directories. The idea is to appear on the relevant pages or categories of the directories that consistently appear in search engines when someone searches for a product or service in your locality.

Essentially, you’d be capitalising on the search engine visibility of the local directories to drive traffic and business.

Best Australian Business Directories Sorted By Traffic

Now, you will find people suggesting a laundry list of Australian business directories but, I have only listed the directories that drive good traffic since it’s not worth the hassle to get listed in low traffic directories.

Without further ado, here is the list of the best and most trusted Australian business directories that drive great traffic and list all types of businesses.

 Business Directory  Est. Monthly Traffic  Cost  3.4M  Free  1.7M  Free  1M  Free  699K  Free  594K  Free  282K  Free  202K  Free  180K  Free  169K  Free  148K  Free  103K  Free  79K  Free  75K  Paid
http:///  72K  Paid  53K  Free  43K  Free

Preparation Is Must Before Starting Your Submissions

Preparation is important before submitting to any directory to efficiently cut down on the submission time. Since you will be submitting the same information to multiple directories, it’s a good idea to have everything written beforehand. Another benefit of having all the important pieces of information ready in advance is you want to create as consistent listing as possible so people can quickly identify your business without any confusion.

  • Create a free email account which you will use only for submission. NEVER use your business email for submission otherwise wait for the spam to pile up.
  • Save a copy of your logo on your PC or laptop
  • Also save a few images of your business. It could be pictures of your products, workplace, address map etc.…
  • Write your Business Name, Tagline, Address, Business E-mail, Phone Number, Fax Number (if you use it) and Website
  • Create a brief description of your business. Keep it short around 250 characters with spaces.
  • Now create longer description of your business around 500 to 1,000 characters with spaces.
  • Also write down few categories your business belongs to.

There are directories that will require payment and there are those that offer a mixture between free and paid listing. A paid directory guarantees your listing will be added within a week if not within 24 to 48 hours, while a free listing can take from a week up to several months upon approval.

You could choose not to reveal your business address in certain directories. Depending upon the nature of your business, it is recommended to let your potential customers know your address to establish credibility.

To sum it up, adding your business to local directories is critical to getting quick online visibility. Honestly, you should only be worried about the directories that are already quite visible in search engines and driving reasonable traffic so that your business gets benefited.

Don’t waste your time and resources in submitting to hundreds of directories other websites are suggesting. As a small business owner, you already have so much else on the plate. Your marketing actions should be prioritised based on the potential return they will generate.

 I am sure I have given some valuable tips to promote your local business online. Let me know how did you go with your submissions. Don’t forget to ask if you are stuck somewhere in the submission process through your comments below.

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