SEO is a very powerful tool which can lift or drown your business strategy completely. It is an important resource with infinite potential which needs to be tapped correctly to get the best results. SEO is not just restricted to meta-descriptions and product information. The universe of SEO is endless with various other features and factors hidden behind its working.

Another point to be noted is that there is no fool proof method at mastering SEO. There is no particular formula which would always give the desired results. If one factor turns out converting in a particular week, there are feeble chances that it will always work. Since changes are constant in SEO, it is not possible to trust on a single factor or any strategy which can help you in getting desired results. It is an art which can be mastered only with regular practice and analyzing the results and tracking the factors and features every day. Getting into the radar of Google is not a cakewalk but it is not that much difficult as well.

Google mainly makes use of around 200 factors to rank any page or website. These factors are mainly divided into 4 main sub categories:

  1. On-Page

It consists of all the optimization activities on the live-page of a particular website. These include image optimization i.e. optimizing the image being used in the page by providing proper image name, description, alt-tags, outgoing links, incoming links and many more.

  1. On-Site Factors

Google always has trust issues and thus won’t easily put faith in your site and rank you. To prove that you are reliable, you must work on on-site factors which help in maintaining the trust level and rank you higher in Google searches. This can happen by making the website mobile friendly or by mentioning of the server’s location using the Google’ webmaster tools that can give you an honest feedback of your website. In fact what is better than Google itself giving insights and suggesting changes to make it more reliable!

  1. Off-Page activities

Off-page basically is purely organic and thus must be used to the fullest. It comprises of number of linking domains and pages, link relevancy, and number of follow and not-to-follow links (no follow links), where the number of follow links must be greater than not-to-follow links. Other two most significant factors in off-page are backlinking and social bookmarking.

  • Backlinking – The term means the number of links on other websites which lead your website. Since backlinking completely occurs on other’s website, we don’t have any control over it and thus, it suggests the credibility of your website. Backlinking can be done through third party blogs or guest posts as it helps to rank website in a better manner.
  • Social Bookmarking: It is a very common practice adopted by many SEO experts as it creates backlinks, thus increasing traffic and page rank in the Google search space.
  1. Domain Registration

It includes the length of the domain registered. It is seen that the longer the domain is registered, the better will be its history and ranking on the search engines.

Now that I have acquainted you with a few dimensions of SEO strategies and factors, it is necessary to implement it smartly and remember it’s not only SEO but SMM (Social Media Marketing) too that plays a major role as well. With so many things on the platter, it gets extremely difficult to manage all these fields to draw out huge traffic. Thus if you are looking for all such tasks to be done on your website you can take help from firms that provide affordable SEO services in Sydney which cover every aspects of your Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing and deliver the desired results without burning a hole in the pocket.

Some firms that offers affordable SEO services in Sydney

  • Whatisseo.com – This website is a complete guide to managing SEO. It also provides with the services along with tips, tricks, tutorials, tools and books for those who would prefer DIY.
    It has several packages according to the requirements and services one would like to avail with different prices. The best part about the platform is that the packages are very finely divided according to the requirements and the span of the region to be compared.
    The first package is the Local Starter which starts from $300/month followed by advanced and premium which lie in the range of $300- $750. Further it has National Reach SEO packages costing $1250-$2500 and in the end it has another group of packages for low budget business with the starting price of$2500 and ending at $4500.
  • Lowcostseoplans.com – As the name suggests, this platform is cheap and provides with on page, off page optimization along with a glance at the social media marketing. The USP of this platform is that it collaborates with the already present technicians of the firm to generate a proper strategy and a collaborative effort. It has 3 packages, each offering almost similar services with certain additional services with each package. The range is from $580 for the economy pack and the highest ultimate package at $895 per month.
  • Leapfrog.com.au – Another company that provide affordable SEO services in Sydney is leapfrog.com.au. This website provides you a free audit of your webpage or website and gives you an overall analysis of each and every factor involved in SEO. It has 4 packages which cover everything that one might be looking for. These have been carefully designed keeping 3 things in mind i.e. –
  1. The package covers every type of industry.
  2. Especially crafted for Australian businesses.
  3. Designed to be affordable.

Now you are familiar with some of the firms/companies that offer affordable SEO services in Sydney, you can acquire SEO services from these firms according to your requirements as well as budget and boost your website ranking on search engines. For any other queries regarding affordable SEO services in Sydney feel free to leave your comment below.

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