If you’re like most yoga studio owners I come across, you probably have lots of yoga marketing questions on your mind.

Is online yoga marketing worth it? Does yoga marketing really work? Isn’t it just some kind of fad?

Well in this article, you’ll find the questions I repeatedly get asked and my answers.

Should I even bother marketing my yoga studio online?

The idea of online yoga marketing can sound overwhelming. But is it really?

In simple terms, yoga marketing is basically letting potential yoga students know who you are, what you teach and when you teach.

I see many yoga studios depending only on word of mouth. While this is great, it just isn’t adequate in today’s competitive market. For you to attract more students and earn more money, you need to start marketing your business seriously on social media and other online channels.

Can online marketing really get more students?

Sure.. But just to be clear, you need to do it the right way. Online yoga marketing goes beyond uploading some random yoga videos on YouTube or posting images on Facebook and Instagram.

For you to grow your yoga business, you need to come with a concrete online marketing plan and execute it consistently. By following an organised, targeted and strategic approach, you’ll be able to attract more students to your classes, workshops, and other yoga events.

Shouldn’t I spend my time improving my yoga teaching skills?

As a yoga teacher, you should always invest in learning and developing your skills. Granted, if you don’t know what you’re doing in the studio, all these clever marketing techniques won’t get you far.

All the same, you still need to grow your yoga community even as you improve yourself as a yoga teacher. Share your journey along the way.

Isn’t it better for me to wait until I’m more experienced to start marketing myself?

Some yoga studio owners (especially the brand new ones) think they should wait until they’re experienced enough to start promoting themselves. Well, this should not be the case.

Obviously, you have a lot of knowledge about yoga to share. You’re an expert in yoga and that’s why you are able to set up a studio. So instead of waiting until your studio is well established, get online and start sharing your knowledge with your social media community. This will help grow awareness about your business and present many different opportunities such as invitations to workshops, teaching gigs, and more.

Will I be able to connect more deeply with my students through online marketing?

Although social media and the internet can seem like such a fake and plastic world, we should not forget the benefits it brings. It can help you connect with people across the world in ways never imagined before.

Most importantly, it can help you connect with the people that matter to your business – yoga students. By having an online presence, your yoga students will have a platform to ask questions remotely and you’ll have ample time to respond. Also, an online community allows you to share and expand on the topics you cover in class.

I don’t know what to post on social media and how regular I should be.

While technically not a question, the above is a concern for many yoga studio owners. Many people lack ideas of what to share online to grow their businesses. Others are simply wary of annoying their audience with posts every ten minutes.

So, instead of posting haphazardly on social media, try to only share valuable content with your students and followers. This might not bring immediate results but by doing it consistently, you’ll achieve steady long-term growth for your yoga business.

Do I need to use all social media platforms? What’s the best one for me?

You do not need to be on all social media platforms. You only need to be where your students and target audience is. When starting out, the best strategy is to focus on a single platform where your ideal customers hang out when online.

So if potential students are on Facebook, join them and build your yoga community there. Once you’re established on Facebook, you can then branch out to other social networks. Otherwise if you try to be on all the social media platforms at once, you’ll only end up overwhelming yourself and wasting your precious time and money.

What if I lack adequate time to do yoga online marketing?

Yoga studio owners are generally busy people. How will you find time to engage in online marketing when you need to practice yoga and teach multiple studio and private classes each week?

Well, the good is news is, you can easily automate most of your yoga online marketing activities. Once you know what to do and have a system in place, you’ll only need a couple of hours each week to keep your online marketing campaigns running smoothly.

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