A lot of us know that search engine optimization is a great way to generate website traffic.

However, some business owners who focus too much on their blog posts tend to forget the promotion aspect.

The truth is, Google will not notice your website until you promote it as much as you write content.

So I am going to share with you the top promotion strategies you can follow to boost your website’s online search ranking.

Starting with some free SEO tips and tricks, you can drive unique visitors to your website as early as now.

On-Page SEO Tips and Tricks to Promote Website

Every day people search for information, products, and services. Follow these free on-page SEO tips and tricks to promote your website and reach a massive number of potential visitors.

Target long tail keywords.

Use long tail keywords in your blog posts to improve its search engine visibility. Long tail keywords are key phrases composed of three to four keywords.

As opposed to ordinary keywords, they are very specific. People use them when they are closer to a point-of-purchase.

Take this example.

If your company sells health services, your web page will not show when someone searches for “health services” because the competition around this keyword is tight. But if you use long tail keywords such as “health care services in Aurora” or “cheap health services for kids”, you will have more chances of getting seen by customers looking for exactly the same product.

Target three to four keywords for each page on your site

This strategy is very simple. Just combine your targeted keywords in your blog post. Make sure to have a one in your URL, title body, and Meta description.

Imagine this… If your site has 20 blog posts per month, and each page has three target keywords, then you will have 60 keywords giving you an unbroken traffic a month.

Link to relevant pages in your site that are high-ranking as well

This is what you call link building. Now if you think past posts are only as good as their publish date, you are wrong.

Insert hyperlink to your present keywords and reroute your customers to relevant blog posts you’ve made in the past.

This increases the value of your present content and keeps traffic going to the old ones.

Link to other websites with relevant content

Every outbound link is a vote for a competitor site – that is true. But if you do it moderately, this wouldn’t cause any harm to your brand.

Here’s a brilliant way to do it sparingly…

Search for bad links from relevant websites. Since these links don’t work anymore, you can have a deal to exchange it with your links. As other pages link to your content, search engines will see you as a trustworthy authority.

Off-Page SEO tips and tricks to Promote Website

I’m sure you’ve heard about the latest changes in Google’s algorithm. Google bots catch websites that use abusive SEO tricks and have them penalized.

There are lots of spammers out there but a legitimate business like yours can also suffer from penalties if you don’t use SEO right.

So now, I want to talk about sustainable SEO tips and tricks to promote your website. After doing the basics such as targeting keywords and building links, it’s time we learn some free off-page SEO tactics.

Here’s a quick crash course on off-page SEO you can try to keep your website in the limelight.

Register your business in local listings

Have you heard of Google Places for Business or Yahoo Local? If not, then it’s time you get to know them.

List your local business on these free listings so when someone searches for a related keyword, your business can show up on the map.

Submit your website to online directories

Directories are hierarchical listings of sites that are very useful for local SEO. Yelp, for instance, has 60 million users and more than 20 million reviews who can view your site and help it rank higher if you have it listed.

Just a tip. Directories are no longer good for attracting links to your site so you can play with Google.

Every directory has a standard in accepting website. So start with fewer directories. Look for niche directories which are valuable for users and manually send your link. If you don’t get approved, then resubmit your link. 

Don’t worry if this happens. This only means that the directory listing is high-quality. Some listings that automatically accept links usually contain low-quality profiles and are not often searched by visitors.

Build social media pages for your website

Believe me, social media and SEO are two intertwined strategies you should not live without. But instead using all social media channels, I want you to focus on just a few pages.

Figure out which channel you are strongest at. Create a page, gather followers and start sharing quality content.

Remember, social media rely on high-quality content and a strong brand presence. Keep nurturing your followers by leveraging local promotions such as Facebook Promotions or Twitter Ads.

Final Tips on Promoting your Website

Attention is the rarest form of generosity today. It is hard to get but with a holistic approach to SEO, your website is not too far from your dreams.

Take Google’s latest changes as a challenge. Invest more on user experience. Instead of building a few thousand irrelevant links, create high-quality content.

While SEO is hard to grasp, there are just tons of things you can do. Follow these SEO tips and tricks to promote your website and start growing organic traffic.


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