Before we move onto the term SEO plugin, let’s clear some doubts which might be rising in your mind.

What is a plugin? Plugin is simply a software component which can be added to your web-browser or in a broader sense, computer program which allows customization and provides better services.

Plugins are very common on a web browser and few examples of mainly used plugins include – Adobe Flash (enables the user to view flash documents and browse internet and stream audio and video), Adobe Acrobat (allowing to view documents in the same way a printed document appears).

Plugins take very little space on your browser toolbar enabling easy and quick access. Now moving forward to:-

What is an SEO plugin?

Plugins are implemented in most of the computer applications and when it comes to SEO, these software components let you keep a track on your SEO within a click. However to make use of SEO plugin effectively, it is important to understand the concept of WordPress as it finds a major implementation of SEO plugins.

I know another question just popped up in your brain and that is what is WordPress now?

WordPress is basically a free, open-source medium which handles the top to bottom of your content publication. If you have a website or a blog, you obviously need a medium to update, edit, post, track, analyse and monitor your article. WordPress lets you do website content management in a much optimized way.

Data suggests that more than 50 million websites make use of WordPress making it the largest and best blogging platform ever. E-commerce sites, bloggers and writers, online businesses, magazine and newspaper sites and online marketing firms find WordPress as a very powerful tool for content management purpose.

And no, your Content Management System isn’t restricted to only WordPress as there are plenty of other such platforms which help you the same purpose. For example: Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern and many more.

There are various plugins available for Content Management Systems (CMS) but in this post I’ll restrict our field till WordPress SEO plugins that are mainly used for SEO optimization tasks.

Various types of WordPress SEO plugins include:-

  1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

The all-time favourite plugin goes an extra mile to make sure your content is well planned and managed. It is a complete package for all your content management requirements. This plugin by “Yoast” ensures complete technical optimization of your SEO by numerous services which are extremely user interactive that a layman can get hands-on with this plugin.

The plugin’s versatility is what makes it a common choice for all the bloggers as it has multiple versions catering to different needs of different genres of businesses. For instance: Yoast Local SEO, Yoast News SEO and Yoast Video SEO extensions, that work as extensions thus paying special attention to everyone.

There are various features of this plugin, each serving its own purpose with excellence, making your job easier to handle. Who doesn’t love something which takes away half of your tasks? Now you see why I specifically prefer Yoast.

Some of the special characteristics of WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin include:-
I) Preview – The plugin provides you with a rendering of your content showing you how your content would look on a search engine so that you can make amendments in your post title or meta description before posting the content. This saves you from the wrath of post-publishing errors.

It’s a double win as apart from improving rankings, it also increases your chances of generating better organic traffic.

II) Page Analysis – Mom of features. Just like our mothers remind of every petty thing before we leave, this feature checks and reminds you of all the last-minute changes and additions which you tend to forget with the course of time. Knowing-it-all, Yoast makes sure you don’t miss out on anything.

III) Other features include – Meta and Link elements, XML Sitemaps and so on.

  1. SEMrush

Whether you’re a pro in SEO or a naive, for SEMrush, all bear same importance. A complete suite for SEO, this is not a plug-in but more like a toolkit which provides you with in-depth analysis in 4 basic fields: SEO, Paid Traffic, and Social Media Content & PR. If you have this tool by your side, consider half of your work done. You can just focus on the implementation and it’ll do the rest. A unique feature of this tool is that it provides you data in contrast with your competitors, giving you a closer look at your position in the market. The terminologies and data representation is so basic that anyone can become a pro on this tool in a matter of time. And not just your firm but you can also analyse the figures of any domain you wish too.

  1. Link Patrol

It’s self-explanatory – a plugin which patrols all the links of your website. This WordPress SEO plugin allows you to track and monitor all the links and indicates which links are going down and dead and which links are turning away by not redirecting anywhere. With that, it makes your job easier as you wouldn’t have to rummage through your website to look out for trouble links and fix them. Link Patrol always report effectively when it is active on duty!

  1. Google Page Speed

This might not be something which you would use along with WordPress, but which you would use for WordPress. What I mean is, while focusing on the website and its content management, one totally forgets to keep the WordPress account speedy. Since all the management is done through it, the WordPress site must load quickly and for that this tool is used. To speed up the loading of your WordPress site and saving you from all the technical and server-end glitches this tool allows you to check the speed of your WordPress site and in case you prefer a second opinion, go with Pingdom.

Having been acquainted with myriad of options to choose from, I’m sure you’re ready to set your foot in the SEO world and now you know the exact answer of the question What is an SEO plugin?

Key point to be noted, these are not all the SEO plugins you refer to, there are plenty others and one must not hold back from implementing them. After all, the more you analyze, the more you realize how much more effort is required.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post on What is an SEO plugin? Stay tuned with us to know more about SEO related facts that will help you to optimize your website properly.


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