Today, the majority of consumers and businesses search the internet before buying a new product or service. And when doing this research, they tend to visit websites that are at the top of search engine result pages because such sites appear to be more relevant to their search.

It’s a fact that if your website is not at the top of search engine results, you may never reach your customers online. Business not found online is business that does not exist. If you’ve ever wondered why your competitors are always popping up on the first page of Google, then know it’s because of a marketing technique called SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

As you already know there are literally thousands and thousands of people claiming to be masters of the technique called SEO, this post explains what is SEO marketing service, types of SEO marketing services and which ones to avoid at all cost. Here we go…

What is a SEO Marketing Service and What It Really Does?

The function of SEO marketing service is to …

  1. Establish relevancy between search queries and website contents
  2. Make the website contents visible when searchers make relevant queries on search engines
  3. Entice visitors to click on the search engine listings to potentially drive increased website traffic 

SEO marketing helps your website rank higher than the millions of other sites in response to certain words or phrases. To get more business, your website has to be on the first page of all major search engines for the specific words, phrases, topics, subjects, themes, etc. that are relevant to your audience. In simple words, the function of SEO is to establish your website as an extremely resourceful resource on all the relevant topics and subjects in search engines. 

Types of SEO Marketing Services 

There are four types of popular SEO marketing services you’ll come across these days. And they have been around for a fair while. Before jumping to explain the types, it’s important to understand what is a search engine penalty because an SEO marketing service does one of the two things below…

  1. Keeps your website safe from search engine penalties
  2. Gets your website penalised

So, search engine penalty is the impact a website gets when it is involved in SEO techniques that are clearly labelled as spam and unethical by search engines. A website when penalised is either kicked out of the search engine databases or allowed limited visibility that results in steep traffic decline.

Back to SEO marketing types…

1. White Hat SEO –

White hat SEO refers to the usage of tactics and techniques that adhere to search engine guidelines and focus on satisfying human users rather than just the search engines.White hat SEO marketing services focus on developing high quality content and using effective and ethical website promotion tactics. Although it takes longer to see results, white hat SEO is the best and safest method because it provides long-term success for your business without any potential of being penalised by any search engine.

  • Highly recommended
  • Never gets a website penalised by search engines
  • Generally expensive
  • Takes 6 – 12 months to rank on competitive keywords
  • Only relies on quality content and making the website technically efficient

2. Grey Hat SEO –

Grey hat SEO is about employing SEO techniques that are neither unethical nor fully transparent. For example, buying expired domains that were receiving good traffic and then redirecting them to your main website. Since such techniques are not explicitly defined and labelled by search engine guidelines, there is a huge temptation to use them. When people use them, the website is always under threat to receive penalties when search engines update their algorithms. It is always safe to avoid suspicious or dubious techniques and invest in a transparent strategy that is based on producing, optimising and distributing quality content.

  • Not recommended
  • Website could get penalised by search engines
  • Mid range prices
  • Could register competitive rankings rather quickly (between 3 – 4 months)
  • Mostly depends on loopholes and gaps in search engine guidelines

3. Black Hat SEO –

Black hat SEO is the opposite of white hat SEO. Black hat SEO services do not adhere to any search engine rules and guidelines. Instead of using techniques and tactics that focus on providing the best experience for human users, black hat SEO services only look to manipulate search engine rankings. Although you can get some quick results when you use black hat SEO services, you risk getting your site penalised by search engines.

  • Should never ever use them
  • Website are penalised by search engines
  • Dirt cheap
  • Could register rankings very quickly (less than 3 months)
  • Only banks on manipulating search engine system of ranking websites  

4. Negative SEO –

This is another method of SEO which got very popular after April 2012, when Google released its first ever algorithm to penalise websites using black hat tactics. Negative SEO is basically black hat SEO carried out by competitors to get other websites penalised. Some common forms of negative SEO include mentioning competitors’ website links on irrelevant and questionable websites or copying their content and spreading it all over the internet.

Yes, it’s possible to do negative SEO. It’s effectiveness highly depends upon the targeted website quality. If the website is already well established, then it becomes nearly impossible to effectively carry out negative SEO because of the money and time factors. On the flip side, new websites are vulnerable but then who cares if a website is not well established unless someone has a personal issue with you or your business.

Hopefully, this post has provided important information regarding types of SEO marketing services. And, you’ll be able to make an informed decision when you need such service.

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