The current trend is for SEO cost per keyword and with rising competition among digital marketers, this cost in increasing day by day. Every business wants to appear on the first page of Google when a certain keyword is being searched related to that business. Calculation of the complete value regarding the visitor being there on Page 1 of Google is extremely hard to figure out. But have you ever imagined the SEO cost per keyword for the websites which appears on the first page of Google? Well, the main reason I am writing this articles is to provide you with the rough idea related to the calculation of value about being on page 1 of Google in the top most 3 search engine results.

What can be the assumption for SEO calculations?

Here are some of the assumptions to watch out for the SEO calculations:-

  1. To appear in the top 3 in the Google organic listings.
  2. If you just remain in the top 3 of Google organic listings you will also be expecting to see 2x of the amount of the traffic which is being received versus any other unlimited budget of the PPC campaigning.
  3. For being in the top 3 page 1 organic search results and then this also enables a minimum of 10% click through the traffic from the monthly searches which are entered in the Google. Say for instance, if there are around 3000 searches in each month for the term “wine merchants” you would also anticipate for getting the minimum of about 300 visitors per month from the amazing results of SEO cost per keyword.

Apart from this, if you were also on the PPC campaigning, then you would also expect around 5% of that 3000 = 150 visitors as such. You will also be assuming that the ad position number 1 with the highest paid per click value.

Know about the estimating the cost of PPC

So, in this example, we will also be using the keywords from the above example for the wine merchants.

You will also know about:-

  1. PPC campaigning which just provides around 150 clicks per month
  2. The complete averaging cost per click is also anticipated from the Google ad words tool itself.

SEO cost per keyword must be a major consideration for you if you really want to stay in competition. The complete averaging cost for the targeted visitors to your site for the “wine merchants” and this will also cost you around ->150 x pounds 0.54= pounds 81.

Know about estimated SEO cost per keyword

This part is actually about the way you value the SEO. Lets estimate that to bring about 150 visitors you are spending about 81 pounds each month on Google.

Doing SEO will deliver a minimum of about 2 times of the complete amount of the traffic so that the basic value of being on the top 3 page 1 of Google is just actually162 pounds per month. (150 visitors = 81 pounds but the SEO provides 300 visitors therefore 2 x 81 pounds = 162 pounds).

Know about the added value of SEO cost per keyword

This is just the simple way to approach and it also ignores the much interesting benefits of SEO. You are also required to add the value to the following:-

  1. SEO is one of the long-term gains to be considered and you will also not need to make the payment of the sum every single month.
  2. With SEO, if you just think about the ranking of top 3 for “wine merchants” then you will surely always be ranking for other variations like the “wine merchants UK”, “online wine merchants”, “wine merchant” etc.
  3. The true number of the targeted visitors for your website is just therefore well over the 300 per month itself (and this includes around 10% of total monthly searches).

In simple words the real fact is with the higher PPC value (cost per click) there will also be the greater return of the investment from SEO only.

What must be your payment?

This will be the figure which you need to evaluate on the month by month basis only. Both the SEO and PPC provide the clear transparent returns for the investment and the complete track ability for the whole conversions.

As the complete guide, we also anticipate that you will be paying somewhere between 3 and 5 times of the cost of PPC regarding whole SEO which also obtains the numerous rankings for the multiple rankings regarding keywords variations. This completely depends on the set cost per keyword.

In the example, it is also anticipated that you will pay the total value of the pounds 240 and pounds 1000 for the SEO regarding the term of wine merchants. For maintaining of the top rankings regarding this keyword through the SEO cost will be around just significantly lower.


In a nutshell, it can be concluded that the SEO is a quickly growing trend which you must follow for your business and you will get good results by the same. It will also be help you to grow your business on the search engine rankings. You will be getting good results instantly through the better SEO technologies and good-quality SEO methods for reaching new heights faster. You will get good results through the best ever SEO methods to be followed for your business and you will also be getting unexpected results regarding the same instantly.

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