The SEO competition is just getting cut throat.  When you put up an SEO campaign, you might be going up against a newbie or an SEO expert.

Basically, it is hard to know who you’re competing with unless you have a reliable SEO competitor analysis tool.

An SEO competitor analysis tool helps you track competition so you get a good rank in the competition. Here are some of the top benefits why you need an SEO competitor analysis tool.

Benefits of Having an SEO Competitor Analysis Tool

If you are in a very competitive niche, competition can smash you down. Unless you know what your competitors are doing, you’ll definitely find ways to rise above them.

This brings us to the first advantage of having an SEO competitor analysis tool. Free SEO competitor analysis tool like Spy Fu and SEM Rush lets you track keywords and backlinks of your competitors.

Using these data you will get new inspiration for better ways to connect with your customers.

The second benefit of having an SEO competitor analysis tool is being able to legally spy on your competitors.

Do they have a more effective SEO campaign? What marketing strategies are they using to boost their website’s Google authority? What type of ads have they used that received more attention from the target audience?

By looking under the hood of your competitor’s SEO strategy, you can eventually craft a better SEO plan and outsmart their techniques.

Lastly, having an SEO competition analysis can give you a quantitative basis for your SEO plans instead of merely depending on assumptions.

What is the Best SEO Competitor Analysis Tool?

There are tons of free SEO competitor analysis tool on the internet. In truth, there is no hard and fast rule in telling which SEO competitor is the best.

It all depends on what data you’re looking for. The following are some of the best free SEO Competitor Analysis Tool you can find online.

  • Alexa

This tool helps you check web traffic and compare similar websites in your niche. It shows you how many unique visitors searched your website and from where they are coming from.

  • Monitor Backlinks

If you want to know the trending backlinks on your competitor’s end, then this tool will help you. It allows you to analyze data between the good and bad links, compare the results and build a new marketing campaign.

  • Spy Fu

This is a powerful tool you can utilize to see the latest keywords used by your competitors. A deeper search will show the destination URL for each, which is useful in planning your SEO strategy.

  • Google Search Operators

These are special commands you can try to yield more specific niches on Google. For example, if you want to dig into your competitor’s pages, you can type the keyword and insert “info” at the prefix and you will see all information about the URL.

  • Keyword Competitor

Use this tool to get access to your competitor’s keywords, both for organic and for paid search. When you see how your competitors place their keywords, it is easier to build your own keyword strategy to overcome them.

  • Rank Signals

Check where your competitors are getting their keywords through this tool. On its homepage, you can just enter your competitor’s URL and click on Explore Links. It reveals all the links that your competitor is using.

These are just a few of my favorite SEO competitor analysis tools online. Most of the SEO tools out there basically have the same functions. The choice depends on what you want to find out.

Start your SEO Competitor Analysis Today…

So there you have it.

If you want to build a competitive SEO strategy, you will need a good SEO competitor analysis tool to help you.

Keep in mind that there is no shortcut in getting a high traffic. It all boils down to creating a competitive SEO strategy and an excellent marketing campaign to keep your market share growing.

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